Have you heard the good news?

We now have an oral dispensing pharmacy in all of our locations and are able to fill prescriptions that your oncologist has prescribed. 

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Hair loss during chemotherapy is not inevitable

Hair loss is a well documented side effect of many chemotherapy drugs. Until you are faced with the possibility of losing your hair you may, or may not, have heard that chemotherapy induced hair loss could be inevitable. Some chemotherapy drugs will damage your hair cells.

Minimize Hair Loss, Comfortably and Consistently

The DigniCap System is an effective scalp cooling system that protects cells, and ultimately your hair, by reducing the concentration of chemotherapy being delivered to your scalp area.

Why should we fill your prescription?

​​Convenience:   You are already here
Cost:   We offer same or better retail pricing
One single point of care: Your oncologist is the most knowledgeable regarding your prescribed medication we can help you manage side effects. 
Patient Assistance:  We have excellent resources to assist you with patient assistance (PAP).

Please ask your oncologist, nurse or any other staff member about filling your prescriptions with us. 

Our practice has been here for over 23 years. Pinellas Hematology Oncology doctors have over 64 years of accumulated experience. We also accept most insurances.

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Compassionate Cancer Treatment in Our Community

Our mission at Pinellas Hematology Oncologyis to enhance and improve the health and well being of our patients through personalized, competent and compassionate care in an environment committed to integrity, excellence, and teamwork. We are commited to delivering a compassionate cancer treatment in our local community. Our dedicated team includes physicians, nurse , pharmacist, counselor and more. Our group meets regularly to discuss and coordinate your personalized care plan.

We have moved our Brandon Location:

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